Annemarie Braun


Limited Builder Access:

Castle & Cooke has assembled Kern County’s top builders 
to complement the luxurious design of the Seven Oaks master 
planned community. These builders exemplify the quality of 
craftsmanship, superior design and extraordinary customer service 
that is recognized in all Castle & Cooke master planned communities.

Elaborate Architectural and Landscape Guidelines:

These guidelines are designed to preserve and maintain the integrity of the architecture of the home. This insures that every home is built with much thought and consideration to the entire exterior presentation. What is great about these is knowing that every homeowner has to give as much attention to the landscape and flat work design of their home as to the exterior elevation and style of their home, therefore maintaining the over all look of the community at all times, hence preserving the value of your home

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s):

These are the do’s and don’ts’ of your community. The CC&R’S are the foundation to preserving a community and eliminating it from losing is sparkle! These restriction include but are not limited to; reseeding your lawn with winter rye every winter, no parking on the street past 10:00p.m., not RV parking unless the RV is parked in a garage attached to the home and does not interfere with the architectural integrity of the home. All of these CC&R’s aide in the beautification of your neighborhoods and streets. The best part of the CC&R’s is most people purchase a home with them in mind so most all of your neighbors are purchasing for the same peace of mind as you are.